If you are planning to invest in the Crypto market, first, it is important to learn about the basics of trades. There are so many types of trades that are involved in this industry. Beginners are advised to go through the details below to know more about trades:

  • Market Order:

When you make some agreement with the exchange to sell or buy some asset immediately at any available price in the market. These trades can help you get a very suboptimal price for the investment, but the value depends on trading volume as well as the size of the order on an exchange. These trades can be executed quickly hence are beneficial for short-term traders. 

  • Limit Order:

This time of agreement is made with the exchange to execute certain trad at any fixed price point or anything above that. In case if the market is not able to reach that fixed price point, it clearly means that your order will not be executed. Investors are free to set their limit for these trades and to ensure more profits; a person needs to have a clear knowledge of the market ups and downs.

  • OTC Trades:

OTC stands for Over the Counter trades. In this case, the high net worth individuals, as well as various institutional investors, make use of brokers to complete the buying and selling process in the market. This method is used for the large trading volumes, but the chances of mistakes and loss are also more in this case.

  • Gorilla Trades:

These trades are designed to execute large volume trades without even moving the market inadvertently. In this case, the large orders are executed in the form of smaller pieces to ensure more profits in the flexible market. 

  • Polar Bear Trades:

Here is another form of trades that are designed to optimize the price range for larger orders. These hidden orders trade automatically on top of all orders so that a fixed limit can be achieved. Such trades are more suited to small quantities and thin spreads. 

  • Sniper Trades:

These hidden orders are specially optimized for trades. Note that this algorithm is necessary for getting an instant and the most suitable price for any large order. These trades are more suitable when you know that market is highly volatile, and the prices are dropping unexpectedly.

Other than this, people keep on investing in Twap Trades, Fill or Kill orders, Stop-Loss Orders and Take Profit Orders. If you are planning to invest in CrypticCoin, you will be happy to know that it has its own security system for handling all transactions.