Global Team Of Blockchain And Privacy Advocates Focused On CryptoEducation

CrypticCoin, a secure and anonymous cryptocurrency, is creating a global network, community and team based with a focus on privacy.  Another key focus for our concept is Crypto Education.  We are at the early stages of this new technology revolution and education is key for the community to thrive.

Blockchain Team

Maxim Prishchepo

Chief Blockchain Officer

Vlad Karpov

Blockchain Project Manager

Anatoly Sokolnikov

Blockchain Architect

Alyona Shestera

Blockchain Analytics

Yulia Aderikho

Blockchain Engineer

Infrastructure & Marketing

Shannon Allen

Chief Information Officer

Jurica Zuanovic

Web Developer

Markko Hellat

Creative Director

Ian Chew

Asia Pacific Expansion Director

Nicholas Soong

Asia Pacific Marketing & Expansion

Advisory Team

Stephen Salloum

Oren Bouzaglo

Jamie Benizri

Warren Whitlock

James LeGrand

Chris Evoy

Javiar Collins

Linda Onuekwa

Chris Bryant

LaShonda Steele Allen

Ryan Eichler

Mass Adoption Ambassadors

CrypticCoin will be enhancing its network by working with ambassadors focused on business development for mass adoption.  Stay tuned as this area will have reference to all of the influencers that advocate for CrypticCoin

Bitcoin Zay

Gentlemen of Crypto

Chelsea Penner

The CryptoGoddess

King Bless

Gentlemen of Crypto

John BadassVegan Lewis




Anthony Hall