CrypticCoin has recently joined the race in the Crypto industry. The great news is that this coin has entered the market with a revolutionary concept. Studies reveal that most of the coins in cryptocurrency get launched via ICO, but CrypticCoin came into the market through FreeCO. Note that, FreeCO stands for Free Coin Offering.

CrypticCoin comes with its personalized secured wallet. Users can easily keep their private keys safe from online scammers and hackers as well. There is no doubt to say that cybercriminals are becoming more and more active these days. That is why the CrypticCoin developers have used the top-class encryption methods to ensure safety from hackers. But it doesn’t mean that you are safe by all means. Some new age hackers are using promotions and special offer-based attractions to get payments through cryptocurrency. It means, they need not gain access to your wallet but can still cause you major loss.

In the CrypticCoin system, users can easily send and receive CRYP with each other. We understand that privacy is the biggest need of investors these days, CrypticCoin ensures best deals to keep you safe from all privacy-related threats. Experts believe that this cryptocurrency provides protection in terms of user information as well as transactions. Also, even when the transactions are kept private, some cryptocurrency exchanges do not mask the IP address. In this case, it becomes easier to get tracked on the network and hackers can find a way to your digital currency with ease. But CrypticCoin is based on TOR IP obfuscation technology. It helps to keep your IP address hidden so that no one can trace your activity.

CrypticCoin is also rated high for its super-fast transaction speeds. It happens just because of the Simple Payment Verification technology. In this system, even international transactions also get processed in a few seconds. As many other popular cryptocurrencies have not yet adopted this advanced payment mechanism, CrypticCoin is considered a pioneer among all. All the transactions are done through public ledger and traders can even enjoy flexible payments over restrictive countries.