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The CrypticCoin ecosystem began to form first quarter of 2018 on 01-18-2018. While developers worked on the coin technology a telegram group was created to welcome early adopters. This group now has 3000+ members. The original 300 like to refer to one another as Spartans. Even though the group prides itself on positive professionalism this also illustrates the tenacity and conviction of these original members.

Cryptocurrency as a general industry is still in it’s nascent stages. Many people still do not have the access or information required to get involved. CrypticCoin has built education into the fabric of its community engagement. Anyone who is willing to exercise basic math can become a functional investor. CrypticCoin is designed for everyday use. The transactions between peers are just as important to growth as large scale implementations.

The “ecosystem” is emphasized within the context of the CrypticCoin community because it IS about more than the coin. As blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies become commonplace it will be imperative that everyone learns how to utilize these technologies safely and optimally.

Free will always be a magic word. Instead of attempting an ICO like countless other projects CrypticCoin presented the FreeCoin Offering. The FreeCO may well have established a new precedent for business and entrepreneurship as well as tech start-ups specifically.
The total supply of CrypticCoins will be approximate to the equivalent of Earths’ population at a given time. This is another way the ecosystem aims to reach as many people as possible.

The goal is to empower people while connecting best practices. The mission is to evolve the increasingly global community along with the life of the coin. Going forward CrypticCoin strives to keep citizens informed while building better use case scenarios.

Privacy will continue to be at the forefront of the conversation and CrypticCoin will be central to that discussion. Providing users with the option of having private or public ledger transactions not only satisfies the need for personal choice but also allows for compliance across markets.

CrypticCoin is uniquely positioned among other cryptocurrencies. It’s stable debut on exchanges, wallet options and rapid transaction speeds bode well for increasing adoption and expansion. CRYP is poised to be thee coin for the new boundless innovative international citizenry.

Cryptic is the the coin. The ecosystem is a vision of life and work in the future.



CrypticCoin Concept Born

January 18, 2018 there were 7,598,607,351 HUMANS  that were currently living on Planet Earth on that day.
This became the basis of the Max Supply of CrypticCoin


Release of Whitepaper

CrypticCoin released its initial whitepaper to its users


Technical Whitepaper Release

CrypticCoin releases the Technical Version of its whitepaper


Ending of FCO – MAY 22, 2018

The FCO (FreeCoinOffering) Ended May 22, 2018.  FREE COINS FOR EARLY ADOPTERS OFFICIALLY CLOSED. *DISCLAIMER:  Contests won via Social Media are the only way that new users can be eligible for Coins


Wallet Development

CrypticCoin finalizes Tor based privacy wallet.  Available in Windows, MacOS and Linux.


CrypticCoin TestNet

Initial TestNet launch to our closed group of administrators.


Crowdfunding Forum

Supporting Best Ideas From Community, community funded new idea development


CrypticCoin Blockchain Launch

The moment we are all waiting for, the Official Public Launch of the CrypticCoin Blockchain.  The official launch will constitute the launch of the full coin ecosystem of the Coin along with wallets on various operating systems.  This coin is not dependent on any other platform.  CrypticCoin is its own blockchain ecosystem.


FCO Coins Provided

The FCO has been extended.  FCO Coins are cut Aug 1 and after that the citizens will receive their CrypticCoins.  Anyone that signed up for the FCO after that period only will receive coins from winning social media contests.


CryptoEducation Platform

CrypticCoin will release its community driven CryptoEducation platform to aid in the tipping point of knowledge sharing about CryptoCurrency and Blockchain Technology


Exchange Listing

CrypticCoin will start applying to Global Exchanges.  If you are aware of an exchange that we should apply to please share it in the contact page.


Official Mining Pool

Building our global mining community


Secure Mobile Wallets

Unique Easy to Use ENCRYPTED Mobile Wallets


I2P Integration Within Wallets

An anonymous network layer that allows for censorship-resistant, peer to peer communication


RSK Smart-Contract Support


Encrypted P2P Chat