The goal is of CrypticCoin is to empower people while connecting best practices of Privacy. The mission is to evolve the increasingly global community along with the life of the coin. We now have the mobile wallet ready for the Android devices.  IOS version of the mobile wallet is coming soon.



Wallet update for users who had previous wallet version installed:

Reindex, 100% sync, Rescan – all these steps required. All these steps may take a while – do not terminate node or wallet when reindex or rescan in progress.

Without that, the wallet\node will not work.

For new users who didn’t have any old version installed – these steps are not needed.

New user can just install wallet, wait for 100% sync and start using it.


The Files Are Large!  Keep in mind that the first time you load the CrypticCoin wallet, it may take a while.  Patience please.

Make backup before installing new version
Make wallet.dat copy.
wallet.dat can be found here:

Windows – C:\Users\{USER}\AppData\Roaming\CrypticCoin

Linux – /home/{USER}/.crypticcoin/

Mac – /Users/{USER}/Library/Application Support/CrypticCoin


export keys using wallet – click Export button

Tip: Be sure to quit the wallet application before turning off your computer!!

Tip: Low connections speeds can cause connection problems! If in doubt, please check your  connection speed at Upload speed less than 1.0 might cause problems.

Supported versions of systems:

Click on your operating system below to start wallet download


v2.2.3 (Windows 7,8 & 10)

Mirror #1 (Global CDN)


v2.2.3 (High Sierra or higher)

Mirror #1 (Global CDN)


v2.2.3 (Ubuntu 16.x or higher)

Mirror #1 (GlobalCDN)

Right after install new version 2.2.x user should do:

Steps for regular users

  1. Run wallet
  2. Open Settings and click Check button
  3. Click Advanced mode
  4. Click Clean & Reindex
    The first time users update from 1.x wallet to 2.x wallet will take a considerable time for the blockchain to reset itself.  It only takes a long time the first time the update happens.  Please note, it can take from 2-6hrs to reset the blockchain.  After the synch, the wallet loads from 30seconds to 2minutes.  It can sometimes happen faster.Please be patient for the first update.  It is completely resetting the blockchain on your computer.


  1. Wait till wallet closes
  2. Restart wallet, wait for connection MORE THAN “0 connections”
  3. Wait 100% sync
  4. Open Settings and click Check button
  5. Click Rescan, wait few minutes once status change from Rescanning to 100% synced



Steps for advanced users (using terminal)

Open terminal or cmd


Command line:
/usr/lib/crypticcoin-wallet/resources/crypticcoind -reindex


Command line:

/Applications/ -reindex



Command line:
C:/Program Files(x86)/CrypticCoin/resources/crypticcoind -reindex

  1. Run


  1. Wait 100% sync
  2. Stop node

Linux & Mac – ctrl+c

Windows in other cmd window C:/Program Files(x86)/CrypticCoin/resources/crypticcoin-cli.exe stop

  1. Run

crypticcoind -rescan

  1. Stop node (pt5)
  2. Run wallet as usuall

Wallet Dictionary

Must Read

For estate planning, be sure to describe how to access your crypto (password, backup, and wallet software) so that your family/heirs will have access! Ensure this info is safe from theft. Also, be sure to follow computer safety and security advice.  For example, install browser extension Cryptonite to keep you safe from phishing scams. Also, keep your anti-virus software up-to-date. Mac users are advised also to install anti-virus software.

Also unfortunately, home invasion crimes against crypto holders are possible. Keep a low profile and consider ways to keep access to your high value assets and/or (access passwords,master seed phrases) away from your home. Consider that if someone is known to have crypto at home, they should have something to give away. Additionally, crypto conference members have also been targeted by criminals. Be safe.

Make sure, you remember your password ( write it down), and that no one knows it. In case if you forgot your password, it will be impossible to restore it, so you will lose access to your coins and wallet.

An Important  To-Do List


If you forget your password, then you will lose all of your CRYP!!! Store your written password in different locations.


Making backups is described in the Settings Menu Tab.

3. Support CrypticCoin Network Decentralization by Running One or More Full Wallets

Using a full wallet with or without coins helps to enhance decentralization and strengthen security of the CrypticCoin network.

For Windows users:

When starting wallet, please, make sure that TOR window (black screen – above right) is also started. It’s important for connection.

Please note, this is only Windows feature –  on Mac and Linux, the TOR window does not appear.

All Users:

When first starting, wallet will offer you to enter password.
This password will be used not only for entering your wallet, but also for confirming send operations.  Check if you CAPS are on or off!

Make sure that you remember your password ( write it down), and that no one knows it. In case that you forget your password, it will be impossible to restore it and you will lose access to your coins and wallet.


Antivirus Software alerts on CrypticCoin software

The full wallet includes CrypticCoin mining software and possibly your antivirus software will complain, quarantine even delete parts of the wallet software.

After installing the wallet, please add an exclusion in your antivirus software for the CrypticCoin software folder(s).

For example on Windows:
C:\Program Files (86)\Crypticcoin and another folder C:\Crypticcoin

If you get this page using a Windows machine, please make sure to click MORE INFO.  From that point you will be able to follow the prompts to continue setting up the wallet program.

When you first download the wallet, you will receive a prompt by the operating system.  You can allow CrypticCoin wallet by allowing it to load in the Preferences area where you ALLOW the software to load in the Security area in your preferences.

Wallet Overview

On the top menu bar, there are three tabs: Account, My Addresses and Settings that will be described in more detail in the following pages.

On the right top of wallet interface, you can see the connection status. If the wallet is connected, you’ll see 3 icons:

  • Unlocked
  • Synchronization – since the blockchain is constantly working and adding more blocks, it constantly syncs with other nodes, and consequently, the icon is constantly moving;
  • Connections – the number of connection depends on how many nodes are currently enabled and working.

On the left side of the wallet, is the status of your current balance:

  • CRYP in USD – (NYI) This will show your CRYP balances in USD depending on the market value.
  • Total balance – current total CRYP balance (sum of Transparent and Private coins)[2]
  • Transparent – shows how many TRANSPARENT (PUBLIC) coins you have at this moment.[3]
  • Private – shows how many PRIVATE coins you have at this moment.[4]
  • Summary – shows the summary of your activities during calendar month. Consists of 3 parts:
  • ↑ Shows how many CRYP you’ve sent during the current calendar month (including change from public to private)
  • ↓ Shows how many CRYP you’ve received during the current calendar month (the change from public to private is not included)
  • Shows how many unconfirmed coins you have at this moment (this means more time is needed to complete the blockchain confirmations until they are available to you)

On the right side of the wallet:

  • Button “Send” – allows you to send coins. For further details, see How to send coins
  • Button “Receive” – allows you to generate addresses for receiving coins. For further details, see How to receive coins
  • CRYP price – (NYI) This will show current price of coin at market;
  • Market cap – (NYI)
  • Change – (NYI)

Account Tab

In the Account tab, you can see your recent transactions. Since you can have many of them, only the latest are shown.

Click on a row in the  Account tab to see more details of the operation:

The row details can include:

  • Type of transaction (sent, mined, received)
  • Date and Time of operation
  • CRYP amount
  • From whom it was made
  • Confirmation status ( confirmations are required to make coins accessible to you. The message “Out of sync” or “0 confirmations” means it is waiting for the first confirmation of this transaction. )
  • Links to Blockchain Explorer: Open transaction; Open block

Operation highlighted with red – send operation

Operation highlighted with green – receive operation (including mined coin received)

My Addresses Tab

Within this menu tab you can find all addresses you created or were created automatically by ShieldBase.

How to Receive CrypticCoins

Click “Receive” button – window with wallet generating will be opened. Create a new address (T- or Z-) and send it to someone, who wants to send you some CRYP.

Note that a previously generated address might still be present, simply press one of the buttons to replace it with a new address.

You might wish to copy this address to send to someone.

  • To copy use the “right mouse button” and choose copy from the submenu and give this to someone who will send you CRYP.  Note: Your normal keyboard copy/paste features will not work because there are security issues.
  • Alternatively, use your smartphone to read the QR code and share the message containing the receive address with someone that requires it to send you CRYP

Tip: it is possible to send yourself CRYP. For example, if you wish to make some public coins into private coins. In this case, you can create a Z-address in the receive form and then send coins from a public address containing coins from your address list.

How to Send CrypticCoins

  1. To open the Send form, please click the “Send” button on the right side of the wallet and the above Send form will open
  2. Specify the Recipient CRYP address (T- or Z-). Please double check the address, in case of a copy/paste error. (Note that CRYP address begins with c1 or cc)
  3. Copy a Sender address from “My Addresses list” that contains enough CRYP!
  4.  Specify the CRYP amount that you want to send
  5. If the password box opens, enter your wallet password
  6. Click the Send button. Afterwards, a status message will be displayed.

Tip: copy/paste actions: Mouse right-click and choose copy or paste from the submenu. Shortcut keys will not work due to potential security issues.

Tip: ** In the current version of wallet, you can SEND only from an ADDRESS where you have enough CRYP coins. There must be enough also to pay the transaction fee. If you want to SEND 100 CRYP,  then the address CRYP balance should have at least 100 CRYP plus the transaction fee.

Tip: When private transactions are involved, it will take longer to send CRYP. Please do not close the wallet until done. The wallet will flash messages to you about the transaction progress – ultimately, you should see a “success” message.

Settings Tab

Wallet Backup Settings – export and import wallet data

Export wallet – this creates a backup file of the current wallet data.  Please backup your wallet to cold storage (USB or other) regularly! A full wallet generates new private keys under certain situations that will enable access to your coins on the blockchain. If the backup is out-of-date, you might lose coins if you need to restore your wallet!!

  1. Did you create new addresses (T- or Z-) from the receive form?
  2. Did new transactions occur?  (did you receive coins, send coins, mined coins?)

In either case, copy the exported file to cold storage in multiple locations (outside home too). If you copied it temporarily to another computer folder, be sure to clean up and remove it to avoid future confusion.

REMEMBER: your wallet data is encrypted and you will need your wallet password to access it later! Loading your data on a new computer will still require the wallet password that you wrote down!

Import wallet – allows you to restore backed up data from file. For example, your computer is destroyed or has malware.  You can download the full wallet onto another computer and import your previously exported file.

Auto shield coinbase – this option enables the conversion of mined transactions from transparent to private automatically. This feature is “on” by default.

Shield coinbase – this option converts any mined transactions from transparent to private. This is relevant only if there are currently any mined transactions that are transparent.




Q 1: How do I copy, paste or cut?

A 1: Mouse right click and choose “copy”. From the “My addresses” – click the row to open it and then click on the address. The address from the Receive CrypticCoin form can also be copied the same way.

Q 2: I`ve started the wallet software, but have no connection. What should I do?

A 2: Generally, you can reboot your computer.

Or you can kill(end) all process in the Task Manager manually (MAC Activity Manager).

Sort the processes alphabetically and kill (end) the following:

crypticcoind, crypticcoin-wallet, tor

Also, low connections speeds can cause connection problems! If in doubt, please check your  connection speed at Upload speed less than 1.0 might cause problems.

Q 3: Is it necessary to convert coins from transparent to private?

A 3: No, that is your decision. Private transactions are more secure and they cannot be tracked. Transparent transaction also secure, but less so because they are displayed in the public blockchain explorer, for example.

Q 4: I’ve sent a private transaction, but I can’t see it in under the account list. Why?

A 4: Since our private transactions are very secure, they will display neither in the wallet, nor in the blockchain explorer. Consequently, there is no way to somehow track it down. The only indication that a transaction occurred is reflected in the balance of your private coins.

Q 5: I forgot my password from wallet. What can I do?

A 5: There is no way to restore your password. You must write it down and store in multiple places!

Q 6: What can I do to prevent losing access to my wallet data?

A 6:

  1. Always remember your password and make a note of it outside your computer and other’s eyes;
  2. Never give your password to anyone else;
  3. Make a backup of your wallet by exporting it, save a copies of it outside of your computer (cold storage : e.g.  USB, secure flash disc with you as only owner) and try to regularly update your backups (export).

Q 7: Why doesn’t the wallet software working on my system

A 7: Make sure, your system is suitable – check the supported operating systems and versions. Other versions are not likely to work. Perhaps in future, we add support for them.

Learning Activities


1. To understand more about private transactions, try practicing a (public to private) transaction.

SEND yourself a small amount of CRYP using a transparent (T-) address to a newly created private address (Z-) address.

Open the Receive Form and  create a new (Z-) private address.

The new Z-address will also appear in “My addresses” list at the end. You can copy addresses from here – click on the row to open it and click on the address.  Mouse right click and choose “copy”

Open the SEND Form:

You will send FROM a public address containing some CRYP too your own private address. You can do this to make your CRPY private or to send to someone else’s Z-address.

  1. Specify the Recipient address: The new (Z-) private address that you created.
  2. Specify the Sender Address: one of your transparent (T-) addresses containing CRYP.
  3. SEND a small amount: 10 CRYP or less.

Enter your password and press the SEND button.

Look at “My Addresses” – after 1 confirmation, you should see CRYP in your Z-address.  Now, what happened to your original SENDER address? Is it 0 CRYP?  Look for a new transparent address (T-) containing the “change” or difference between the SEND amount and the original amount in your Sender address…less the transaction fee, of course.

Backup your wallet (export) now if you like. Why? Because you and the wallet have created new addresses (T-) and (Z-) address as well as unseen private keys generated by the wallet.You must not lose these. Backup regularly.

2. Practice a (private to private) transaction

This requires a private address with a CRYP balance (from activity No.1) as the SENDER address. In the Receive form, Generate a new  private (Z-) address as the RECIPIENT address in the Send CrypticCoin form.

3. Practice a (public to public) transaction

This requires two public address. Use an existing (T-) address as the SENDER address. Use create a new recipient (T-) address, but don’t reuse old recipient addresses.


Things to consider:

Try to understand if and when the wallet creates new addresses in the My Address list. Was a Sender address  emptied to 0 CRYPT? Did you see a new address created to hold the “change”?

What is meant by “change”? If you buy a chocolate bar at the store, you give the cashier money (input )and they give you two outputs: the candy bar and your (money) change.


[2] Counts only confirmed coins;

[3] Same as 1;

[4] Same as 1

You Citizen!  Yes, you!

Running a full wallet means that you are hosting the a copy the CrypticCoin blockchain that is synchronizing with many others of our world wide community.

You are contributing to the security of the network! Blockchain decentralization is a community effort, there is no big corporation providing blockchain servers  – that’s centralization – who is in control? Servers are easier to hack, evil miners might prevail – but likely not in a highly decentralized blockchain network.

The full wallet empowers our community to take  action…take action to realize true high decentralization of our the CrypticCoin blockchain!