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CrypticCoin Foundation:
At CrypticCoin, we are pushing our limits and working to build the most revolutionary privacy coin and community in the crypto space. To achieve our desired success, we believe that staying organized and focused is essential. As such, our community members have suggested that we launch a community-run foundation, whose role consists of overseeing development of the coin and community activities. Much like our coin, our community believes that the foundation should not be tied to any jurisdiction or country and should be global just like its members. We are pleased to announce that we will be launching the CrypticCoin Foundation (“Foundation”)!

We whole-heartedly believe in the importance of decentralization and empowering our community members. By establishing the Foundation, we do not intend to concentrate the control of the coin in the hands of the few. On the contrary, members of the foundation will act as the liaison amongst all community members, ensuring that all voices are heard and reflected in the ongoing operations of the coin. Safeguards will be put in place to protect the community and keep foundation members honest. We take decentralization as seriously as we take privacy.

To ensure the stability and successful launch of the coin, related projects and foundation governance principles, our community has agreed that the term of the first Board Members of the Foundation will run until the completion of the following three core tasks:

– Launch of the CrypticCoin Mainnet (including full feature set)
– Launch of the CrypticCoin University
– Publication of the Foundation’s constitution and governance principles

Upon completion of the requirements above, the Foundation will follow the principles established within its governance principles to elect the subsequent board of directors.

The first board of directors will be composed of seven (7) members. Our advisors have selected the following seven (7) people to serve on the board of directors for its first term, who go by the following aliases in the admin telegram group:

– CrypticCoin Board Member 1
– CrypticCoin Board Member 2
– CrypticCoin Board Member 3
– CrypticCoin Board Member 4
– CrypticCoin Board Member 5
– CrypticCoin Board Member 6
– CrypticCoin Board Member 7

The Board of Directors of the CrypticCoin Foundation are committed to openness and transparency. Actions taken by the board will be documented and published online to keep community members informed and updated on the Foundation’s progress.

We are excited for the future of our coin and community. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. We look forward to sharing more great news in the near future.

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