Our CrypticCoin Ecosystem strives to provide something useful and promising.  We are a COMMUNITY DRIVEN PROJECT focused on BLOCKCHAIN PRIVACY AND CRYPTO EDUCATION.  “We are a globally DISTRIBUTED NETWORK encouraging COMMUNITY CITIZENS to spread the word, not only of CrypticCoin but also the educational process and framework behind it.”

“CrypticCoin is focused on Privacy and CryptoEducation. We want to be a destination for people to learn about CryptoCurrency as well as an information resource for best practices and Digital Privacy.”

We want to be known as a place where people can LEARN

How to USE CryptoCurrency. ✔️

Responsibility and privacy.  ✔️

How not to get scammed.  ✔️

How to read a Whitepaper. ✔️

What is a wallet for cryptocurrency? ✔️

How to use cold storage? ✔️

How to use math to calculate coins. ✔️

What are future blockchain use cases. ✔️

How to explain crypto to anyone, even your grandmother ✔️

And much more!!!!

We are your Crypto Training wheels. ✔️

After you have gained more knowledge we welcome you to pay it forward in a positive manner

This image shows a small glimpse of the CryptoEducation framework that is coming soon.  There will be educational materials for all levels of blockchain knowledge from newbie to expert.

The Official CryptoEducation Platform Will Launch
September 1, 2018

Until the full CryptoEducation platform is complete, please take some time to learn from our community curated CryptoEducation articles.