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Our FCO Has Finished!!! 

Are you an early adopter of CrypticCoin?

To claim your coins you’ll have to install Cryptic Coin wallet.

We’ve built CrypticCoin wallets for Windows, Apple macOS, and Ubuntu Linux.

After you’ve successfully installed your Cryptic Coin wallet, using the instructions page, please get in contact with us using this form. When the CrypticCoin community goes over your message then you will be contacted.


Process could take a couple of months to do every person.  FCO is not anything like an airdrop.  It is individually done based upon participation and rules set.  When you get your FCO, you will be getting something that is HAS VALUE. Make sure to HODL.

If we assume that you are a bot, spammer, didn’t participate or did not sign up in time we reserve the right not to send you coins.  Participation in FCO is voluntary and runs according to the rules of the CrypticCoin community.

If you have participated in any of our contest and won any prize, please write name of the contest and the amount of the coin you've won. (One per line in following format: name of the contest - xxx coin)