In order to trade, the stock must be listed on any exchange in the crypto market. This listing can be done only after meeting the certain specific requirement of that particular exchange and by paying the set associated fee. 

Some of you might have heard that companies can also list their shares on multiple exchanges. Note that, when shares are available on more than one exchange, they are known as dual-listed stocks. The popular companies such as Walgreens Boot Alliance and Charles Schwab have earlier experimented dual listing on NASDAQ and NYSE platform. However, presently they have returned to a single platform. But it doesn’t mean that getting listed on multiple exchanges cannot be a successful trading idea. Indeed, it has multiple benefits, and many experts are trying this trick these days. 

One of the prime reasons for listing on multiple exchanges is that it helps to increase the liquidity of stocks. When investors get listed in multiple places, they are able to sell and buy shares from different markets. It helps them to enjoy more liquidity as well as wide choice in the market. This open bid helps investors to trade with more security in the market. 

Multinational corporations are always interested to get listed on multiple exchanges. In most cases, they try to list their shares on domestic as well as major exchanges around the countries. Although prices on different exchanges stay almost close to each other with a few ups and downs at times; still multiple listings provide traders great opportunity to find ways to generate profits. 

No matter whether you are working on a single exchange or are planning to buy and sell your trades on multiple platforms; it is always important to choose the most reliable exchanges to work upon. It will help you to avoid the chance of losses. As the cryptocurrecy market is rising day by day, many new exchanges are also evolving in this digital world. But it is not that easy to trust on each one of them. Prefer to list your stocks on most reliable platforms to ensure high earning for the long run. Never forget to check the fee amount and type of coins accepted on a particular exchange before creating your profile. Your exchange must give you freedom for trading and at the same time, it must provide a convenient option for storage of coins while charging a reasonable fee.