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Our decentralized privacy coin is a secure way to create peer to peer transactions that are powered by blockchain.

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Secure Wallets

CrypticCoin will be releasing its secure wallets for multiple operating systems.

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Simple Payment Verification (SPV) technology

Anonymous Use

We are fanatics of the highest level of privacy

CrypticCoin (CRYP) is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that connects all the best practices regarding privacy and anonymity for its users.

Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchains, in which payment transactions are stored “as is” in a decentralized ledger. Because the blockchain is public, the details such as a sender public address, recipient public address, and payment amount about each transaction as well as the history of all transactions can be viewed by anyone.

While public addresses are not explicitly tied to users’ real identities, there are ways how to learn more about users, their spending habits and relationships with each other using information stored in most blockchains. In most cases, wallets used for making transactions do not support anonymity features while connecting to blockchain nodes. A user’s location can be determined by IP address of the used device and privacy of the transaction is eliminated.

CrypticCoin allows users to engage in direct transactions rapidly and with a high level of privacy. Our goal is to integrate the most proven privacy and anonymity technologies in CrypticCoin so that CrypticCoin can offer its users various mechanisms for ensuring transaction confidentiality.

That’s why we are combining these technologies into one coin. CrypticCoin gives our users the ability to choose, compare and eventually, use the confidentiality mechanism that best suits them. CrypticCoin is a coin designed for the confidentiality of CrypticCoin users and offers them the appropriate tools.

As a basis, we decided to implement a mix of an enriched version of the ZeroCash Protocol (zk-SNARK systems protocol) and a Hybrid version of Verge (Stealth Addressing Technologies).

However, we make no claims that CrypticCoin will offer only these two mechanisms, over time, other privacy technologies (e.g., Confidential Transactions) will be implemented in CrypticCoin.  CrypticCoin also has proprietary enhanced security measures built in to further enhance the system of security within the CrypticCoin Ecosystem.  But it is with such functionality that CrypticCoin will be presented to the community.  There’s safety in numbers and we encourage users to have shielded transactions enabled by default.

All privacy coins have advantages and disadvantages.

CrypticCoin Giving Back To Its Community Unlike Traditional ICO’s

We believe in disruptive technology & new advances.

We believe in disruptive technology and or new advances in this world we live in and that’s exactly what we are doing. CrypticCoin is NOT an ICO, it is a FreeCO (Free Coin Offering), and the World’s newest privacy coin being launched via a FreeCO.

Most all coins and ICO’s not only raise millions of dollars before they launch and or to launch their CryptoCurency Coin and business, but they also take a large sum of coins for their founders, early supporters, core team, advisors, etc.

Here at CrypticCoin we decided to do things different and give back to the global cryptocurrency community.  We are giving back by allowing the world to take part in the blockchain phenomenon by giving a limited amount of coins to our early adopter community in a process we call the FCO(Free Coin Offering).

Some of the CrypticCoins will also be going to its founders, early supporters, core team, advisors, etc. The founders have paid for primary development and launch the cryptocurrency (CrypticCoin) and ecosystem without raising millions of dollars with an ICO. The vision was created by funding / building / launching what they believe in for every human being, which is security, anonymity and privacy (CrypticCoin)!

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